Maritime History of India: An Overview

  title={Maritime History of India: An Overview},
  author={Amit Kumar},
  journal={Maritime Affairs: Journal of the National Maritime Foundation of India},
  pages={115 - 93}
  • Amit Kumar
  • Published 1 June 2012
  • Engineering
  • Maritime Affairs: Journal of the National Maritime Foundation of India
Indian maritime activities have a long history covering a period of about five millennia from the very dawn of the Indus Valley civilization. There was a golden age of Indian seafaring, a major part of it remaining unknown or unexplored Study and analysis of maritime history, hence, is essential to understand the nature and orientation of India's maritime culture. Maritime history of India, as such, has not been well documented. A grand historical narrative is required to boost support for a… 
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Shipping and maritime trade of the Indus People
Until recently it was generally believed that the Indus civilization was land-locked and its limited trade route leading to Mesopotamia and Elam lay along through Baluchistan and southwestern Iran.
Ancient shorelines of Gujarat, India, during the Indus civilization (Late Mid-Holocene): A study based on archaeological evidences
Changes in the shoreline at any point could be due to various reasons such as tectonic disturbance or shift in sedimentological regime causing erosion or deposition. Many scientific investigations,
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