Mario Bunge (1919–2020): Conjoining Philosophy of Science and Scientific Philosophy

  title={Mario Bunge (1919–2020): Conjoining Philosophy of Science and Scientific Philosophy},
  author={Martin Mahner},
  journal={Journal for General Philosophy of Science},
  • M. Mahner
  • Published 21 March 2021
  • Philosophy
  • Journal for General Philosophy of Science
The leitmotif of Mario Bunge’s work was that the philosophy of science should be informed by a comprehensive scientific philosophy, and vice versa; with both firmly rooted in realism and materialism. Now Bunge left such a big oeuvre, comprising more than 70 books and hundreds of articles, that it is impossible to review it in its entirety. In addition to biographical remarks, this obituary will therefore restrict itself to some select issues of his philosophy: his scientific metaphysics, his… 
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