Marine mineral resources

  title={Marine mineral resources},
  author={Fillmore C. F. Earney},
1. Introduction 2. Law of the Sea 3. Unclos III Convention and Alternatives: The View of Governments and Industry 4. Minerals of the Deep Seabed 5. Technology and Economics of Deep Seabed Minerals 6. Placers and Subseabed Metallics 7. Construction Aggregates and Industrial Sand 8. Industrial Chemical Materials and Coal 9. Sea-water as an Ore 10. The United States Exclusive Economic Zone: The Management Challenge 11. Offshore Petroleum Frontiers 12. The United Kingdom and Norway: Offshore… Expand
Marine Minerals in the Mexican Pacific: Toward Efficient Resource Management
Abstract Vast reserves of marine minerals are known to occur within the Mexican Exclusive Economic Zone. These reserves include: (1) heavy mineral placers rich in titanium and iron along the coast ofExpand
Norway's offshore petroleum industry — problems and prospects
Abstract Norway, among the world's top three offshore crude and natural gas producers, has enough offshore reserves to assure it an important place in world production for several decades. DrillersExpand
The industrialisation of the world ocean
The nature of sea uses, the development process and industrialisation are reviewed on the long time scales of industrialisation of the global economy. Five main sectors of sea use are identified inExpand
The sharing of petroleum resources; resource poverty and richness around the North European Seas with special reference to the Norwegian position
The article compares the national energy policies of the countries around the North Sea and the recent development in energy consumption and production. In Northern Europe only Norway has a largeExpand
A global review of non-living resources on the extended continental shelf
This contribution reviews the current state of knowledge of non-living resource potentials within the extended "legal " continental shelf (ELCS). The ELCS lies beyond the 200 nautical mileExpand
An overview of the management policy for marine sand mining in Israeli Mediterranean shallow waters
Abstract In Israel, the ever-increasing interest in mining and dumping of marine sand in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean (up to depth of 30 m) on the one hand, and the growing concern for theExpand
Paper presents economical potential on obtaining critical metals from oceanic polymetallic deposits and selected geopolitical problems associated with seafloor partitation.In the group of the mostExpand
Lessons Learned from Deep-Sea Mining
The first attempt to exploit deep-sea manganese nodules ended in failure as a result of the collapse of world metal prices, the onerous provisions imposed by the U. N. Conference on the Law of theExpand
A North American perspective on land use and mineral aggregate production
Land use conflicts involving natural aggregate producers often result in the sterilization of aggregate resources like crushed stone, sand and gravel when land management policies render potentialExpand
The geography of the sea
The origins of this chapter lie with the 28th International Geographical Congress in Den Haag in 1996. The Congress was remarkable for its emphasis on the sea, not least because of the location inExpand