Marine fish spermatozoa: racing ephemeral swimmers.

  title={Marine fish spermatozoa: racing ephemeral swimmers.},
  author={Jacky Cosson and Anne-Laure Groison and Marc Suquet and Christian Fauvel and Catherine Dr{\'e}anno and Roland Billard},
  volume={136 3},
After a long period of spermatogenesis (several weeks to months), marine fish spermatozoa are delivered at male spawning in seawater (SW) at the same time as ova. In some fish species, as the ova micropyle closes quickly after release, these minute unicells, the spermatozoa, have to accomplish their task of reaching the micropyle within a very brief period (several seconds to minutes), for delivery of the haploid male genetic information to the ova. To achieve this goal, their high-performance… CONTINUE READING