Marine Non-Cyanobacterial Diazotrophs: Moving beyond Molecular Detection.

  title={Marine Non-Cyanobacterial Diazotrophs: Moving beyond Molecular Detection.},
  author={Deniz Bombar and Ryan W Paerl and Lasse Riemann},
  journal={Trends in microbiology},
  volume={24 11},
The nitrogen input through biological N2 fixation is essential for life in vast areas of the global ocean. The belief is that cyanobacteria are the only relevant N2-fixing (diazotrophic) organisms. It has, however, now become evident that non-cyanobacterial diazotrophs, bacteria and archaea with ecologies fundamentally distinct from those of cyanobacteria, are widespread and occasionally fix N2 at significant rates. The documentation of a globally relevant nitrogen input from these diazotrophs… CONTINUE READING