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Marikana : taking a subaltern sphere of politics seriously

  title={Marikana : taking a subaltern sphere of politics seriously},
  author={Camalita Naicker},
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Rethinking surplus-value: recentring struggle at the sphere of reproduction
Since the 1970s, autonomist feminists have critiqued Karl Marx for failing to appreciate the sphere of reproduction as a key driver of capitalism. They have shown how unpaid reproductive work
On Militancy, Self-reflection, and the Role of the Researcher
ABSTRACT This paper began in response to Ibrahim Steyn's work on Abahlali baseMjondolo Western Cape, (AbM-WC) – a Cape Town-based social movement I was involved with for a few years. An initial
Broadening conceptions of democracy and citizenship: the subaltern histories of rural resistance in Mpondoland and Marikana
ABSTRACT The purpose of this article is to broaden perspectives on citizenship and democracy in post-apartheid South Africa. The article focuses on two spaces within South Africa, which have specific


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Resistance In The Countryside: The Mpondo Revolts Contextualized
The Rise and Decline of the Democratic Organizational Culture in the South African Labor Movement, 1973 to 2000
From 1973 to 2000, the emerging black union movement in South Africa made efforts to construct a collectivist and democratic organizational culture. The development and decline of this culture
Union Solidarity under Stress
The advent of democracy in South Africa has brought a number of benefits and opened spaces for union mobilization. It has also set in motion processes that undermine union solidarity. This article
South Africa, the peasants' revolt
The City and Grassroots
A versatile multi-size adaptor to be connected to a duct in a hot or cold air distribution system and having a box-like air discharge outlet in which an air diffuser can be mounted, and having an air
Working for Bokoro: The Origins of a Coercive Labour System in South Africa
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