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Marijuana (Cannabis indica)

  title={Marijuana (Cannabis indica)},
  author={S. Kashyap},
  journal={Research and Reviews: Journal of Chemistry},
  • S. Kashyap
  • Published 2016
  • Medicine
  • Research and Reviews: Journal of Chemistry
Compared to any other thing in life people first prefers mental happiness than physical ones. But, those who fail to accomplish or to reach their mental balance levels get into this kind of stuff like marijuana, Ayahuasca, Heroin, Opium or Cocaine like thingies. They are classified under NDPS category i.e., Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. They are the substances that are totally prohibited and are illegal. These substances are highly psychoactive and psychotropic in nature. 


Marijuana and Psychosis: The Effects of Adolescent Abuse of Marijuana and other Drugs in a Group of Forensic Psychiatric Patients
The use of cannabis, in the form of marijuana and related products, has been on the increase in the US and elsewhere in recent years; a significant proportion of this increase stems from use byExpand
The marijuana withdrawal syndrome: Diagnosis and treatment
  • M. Haney
  • Psychology, Medicine
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  • 2005
The objective of this review is to update clinicians on the current state of marijuana research and to describe features of marijuana withdrawal to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of cannabis use disorders. Expand
The Truth about Using Medical Marijuana and Cannabis in Treating Autism
In recent times, there have been reports of the use of “Medical Marijuana” and Cannabis in helping to gain relief from the symptoms in autism. This editorial seeks to present the facts about theExpand
Physicians and medical marijuana.
It is advised that physicians assume their role of educating patients about risks and benefits, particularly when responding to requests for a nonbeneficial treatment. Expand
Cannabis--a valuable drug that deserves better treatment.
About 150 years ago, a French psychiatrist, J. Moreau, conducted a novel clinical experiment in which he administered hashish to humans and concluded that “There is not a single, elementary manifestation of mental illness that cannot be found in the mental changes caused by hashish. Expand
High Dose Stimulant Substitution for the Treatment of Cocaine and Crystal Meth Use Disorders
The biggest gap, specifically in the pharmacological treatment of addictive disorders, is the lack of medications to treat stimulant use disorders such as cocaine and methamphetamine use disorders. Expand
Methamphetamine Cured my Cocaine Addiction.
It is suggested that all participants considered methamphetamine to have helped them stop using cocaine and eliminate cocaine craving and methamphetamine also significantly decreased their alcohol consumption but did not alter cannabis or nicotine use. Expand
Relapse in outpatient treatment for marijuana dependence.
An initial examination of lapse and relapse to marijuana use among 82 individuals who achieved at least 2 weeks of abstinence during outpatient treatment for marijuana dependence suggests that early lapses were more strongly associated with consequent relapse. Expand
Analysis and Detection of Precursor Chemicals Used in Preparation of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances - A Forensic Perspective
The harmless desire of man which commenced as a curious pursuit to explore and then synthesize certain hidden treasures of Mother Nature consisting of strange chemical compositions, which she herselfExpand
Medical Marijuana: Clearing Away the Smoke
This work presents an algorithm that may be useful to physicians in determining whether cannabis might be recommended as a treatment in jurisdictions where such use is permitted. Expand