Marie Anne Paulze Lavoisier: The Mother of Modern Chemistry

  title={Marie Anne Paulze Lavoisier: The Mother of Modern Chemistry},
  author={Cassandra T. Eagle and Jennifer Sloan},
  journal={The Chemical Educator},
Marie Anne Pierrette Paulze was a significant contributor to the understanding of chemistry in the late 1700s. Marie Anne married Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, known as the ‘Father of Modern Chemistry,’ and was his chief collaborator and laboratory assistant. Marie Anne Lavoisier translated Richard Kirwan’s ‘Essay on Phlogiston’ from English to French which allowed her husband and others to dispute Kirwan’s ideas. She drew many sketches and carved engravings of the laboratory instruments used by… 
Part One: Alkaloid Heterotopias
What went through the mind of Antoine Lavoisier right before the guillotine descended upon his neck, cutting off so much promise as one of the founders of modern chemistry? We cannot help but wonder.
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Free Radicals Can Kill You: Lavoisier's Oxygen Revolution
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  • Philosophy
    FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • 2010
. . .though pure dephlogisticated air [oxygen] might be useful as a medicine, it might not be so proper for us in the usually healthy state of the body; for as a candle burns out much faster in
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It has been demonstrated that LPAS technique will play an important role in the future of exhaled breath air analysis because of its sensitivity, selectivity, fast and real time response, as well as its simplicity.
Определение пикового потребления кислорода: физиологические основы и области применения
Кардиореспираторный нагрузочный тест (КРНТ) для определения пикового потребления кислорода (пикVO 2 ) – относительно новый метод диагностики, внедренный в клиническую практику в 1975 г., когда K.


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