Marginal deformations of 3d supersymmetric U(N) model and broken higher spin symmetry

  title={Marginal deformations of 3d supersymmetric U(N) model and broken higher spin symmetry},
  author={Yasuaki Hikida and Taiki Wada},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe examine the marginal deformations of double-trace type in 3d supersymmetric U(N) model with N complex free bosons and fermions. We compute the anomalous dimensions of higher spin currents to the 1/N order but to all orders in the deformation parameters by mainly applying the conformal perturbation theory. The 3d field theory is supposed to be dual to 4d supersymmetric Vasiliev theory, and the marginal deformations are argued to correspond to modifying boundary conditions for bulk… 

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