Marginal adaption of Class V restorations with and without "softstart-polymerization".

  title={Marginal adaption of Class V restorations with and without "softstart-polymerization".},
  author={Karl Heinz Friedl and Gottfried Schmalz and K-A Hiller and A M{\"a}rkl},
  journal={Operative dentistry},
  volume={25 1},
Polymerization shrinkage causing marginal gap formation is still a major problem in light curing restorations. The aim of the present study was to test the influence of "softstart polymerization" (prepolymerization at a low light intensity followed by a final cure at a high light intensity) on the marginal integrity of polyacid-modified resin and composite resin restorations in Class V cavities using a commercially available curing unit with two defined curing intensities. Sixty standardized… CONTINUE READING

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