March of buoyancy elements during extreme rainfall over India

  title={March of buoyancy elements during extreme rainfall over India},
  author={T. Krishnamurti and Vinay Kumar and A. Simon and Aype Thomas and A. Bhardwaj and Sweta Das and S. Senroy and S. K. Roy Bhowmik},
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A major rain storm in Uttarakhand (India) caused heavy rains and major loss of life from floods and land slide during 16–18 June, 2013. The observed daily maximum rainfall rates (3-hourly) during the 16th and 17th June were 220 and 340 mm respectively. This event is addressed via sensitivity studies using a cloud resolving non-hydrostatic model with detailed microphysics. The streaming of moist air from the east-south-east and warmer air from the south-west contributed to the sustained large… Expand
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