Marburg type and Balò’s concentric sclerosis: rare and acute variants of multiple sclerosis

  title={Marburg type and Bal{\`o}’s concentric sclerosis: rare and acute variants of multiple sclerosis},
  author={Elisabetta Capello and Gian Luigi Mancardi},
  journal={Neurological Sciences},
Abstract.Marburg type and Balò’s concentric sclerosis are considered particular variants of multiple sclerosis, clinically characterized by a severe, rapidly evolving clinical course, and by unusual neuropathological changes, often large tumor-like demyelinating plaques in Marburg type and concentric layers of partial demyelination alternating with demyelinating bands in Balò’s concentric sclerosis. These forms now can be diagnosed in vivo, with complete clinical and laboratory examination and… 

Balo’s concentric sclerosis: an update and comprehensive literature review

New reports reveal more evidence regarding the pathophysiology and treatment strategies of BCS, and magnetic resonance imaging is a primary imaging modality in the diagnosis.

Baló's concentric sclerosis

A second case of Marburg’s variant of multiple sclerosis with vasculitis and extensive demyelination

A case of a 31-year-old woman with Marburg’s variant of MS who, over a period of eight months, became totally disabled, blind, and quadriplegic, with vocal cord paralysis, requiring a tracheostomy is reported.

Fulminant case of multiple sclerosis (marburg variant) with atypical MRI presentation

An atypical radiological presentation and progression of a pathologically confirmed case of Marburg MS is reported.

An autopsy case of acute multiple sclerosis (Marburg's type) during pregnancy

Balo’s concentric sclerosis in a patient with spontaneous remission based on magnetic resonance imaging: A case report and review of literature

The neurological lesion of the patient was similar to the magnetic resonance imaging and clinical findings of the BCS and a mass lesion with concentric rings adjacent to the left lateral ventricle and the posterior portion of the corpus callosum with peripheral vasogenic edema was presented.

Balò’s concentric sclerosis: still to be considered as a variant of multiple sclerosis?

It is suggested that Balò’s concentric sclerosis may neither be rapidly progressive nor fatal and may be considered part of the MS spectrum and current treatments for MS were effective in patients.

Marburg’s disease: a diagnostic dilemma

The autopsy revealed multiple subacute and acute plaques showing demyelination, giant astrocytes, numerous macrophages and little perivascular inflammation, thereby confirming the diagnosis of Marburg’s type of multiple sclerosis.

A Rare Case of Balo Concentric Sclerosis, a Subtype of Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis, in a 40-Year-Old Male: Case Report

The patient was started on high doses of methylprednisolone, which improved his symptoms within 24-48 hours of the initial dose, and diagnosed with BCS based on the clinical presentation, MRI, MR spectroscopy, and oligoclonal bands' panel findings.

Marburg's Variant of Multiple Sclerosis with Extensive Brain Lesions: An Autopsy Case Report

Even when marked improvement following IV methylprednisolone is observed, adjunct therapy with a second modality should be considered to improve the chance of survival.



Vanishing Balò-like lesions in multiple sclerosis

The figure presents the MRI obtained from a 31 year old patient with a 4 year history of clinically definite relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, as well as an MR examination performed at clinical onset of the condition.

Baló's concentric sclerosis: clinical and radiologic features of five cases.

A case report supports the concept that BCS may be a self-limited disease that is not always fatal, and characteristic MR imaging findings may allow antemortem diagnosis of BCS when performed at the onset of the disease.

Treatment of Marburg Variant Multiple Sclerosis with Mitoxantrone

Marburg variant multiple sclerosis (MS) is a severe, sometimes monophasic, form of MS leading to advanced disability or death within a period of weeks to months. No consistently successful treatment

Acute multiple sclerosis (marburg type) is associated with developmentally immature myelin basic protein

The data are consistent with a genetic factor influencing the charge microheterogeneity of MBP, meaning that the resulting less cationic MBP cannot carry out its normal function of compacting multilayers.

Balo's concentric sclerosis: a clinical case study of brain MRI, biopsy, and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic findings.

Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy was carried out one and nine months after the onset of illness and it seems that this is the first report of 1H-MRS findings in Balo's concentric sclerosis.

Marburg's variant of multiple sclerosis correlates with a less compact structure of myelin basic protein.

In vitro studies have identified that the less cationic Marburg MBP isomer forms a more extended protein-lipid complex than MBP from healthy or chronic MS-afflicted individuals, which implies that chemical modifications to MBP in vivo contribute directly to the structural instability of myelin, and subsequent autoantigenic presentation of this protein, observed in vivo in MS.

Plasmapheresis in acute episodes of fulminant CNS inflammatory demyelination

Results of this uncontrolled study suggest that plasmapheresis in the absence of other immunosuppressive drugs may have a role in the treatment of severe episodes of inflammatory demyelination in a select subset of MS patients.

Concentric sclerosis (Baló): Morphometric and in situ hybridization study of lesions in six patients

The findings suggest that concentric sclerosis is a variant of multiple sclerosis, that oligodendroglial loss is important in the pathogenesis of demyelination, and that partially myelinated areas probably represent stages of ongoing myelin breakdown rather than remyelinated of previously demyELinated areas.