Marathon vs sprint racers : an adaptation of sperm characteristics to the reproductive strategy of Pacific oyster , turbot and seabass

  title={Marathon vs sprint racers : an adaptation of sperm characteristics to the reproductive strategy of Pacific oyster , turbot and seabass},
  author={Marc Suquet and Jacky Cosson and Anne Donval and Catherine Labb{\'e} and Myrina Boulais and Pierrick Haffray and Ian Bernard and Christian Fauvel},
This work assesses the present knowledge on Pacific oyster sperm biology in comparison to two marine fish species (turbot and seabass) whose sperm characteristics are well described. Sperm morphology mainly differs by the presence of an acrosome in Pacific oyster which is absent in both fish species. In turbot as in Pacific oyster, a sperm ‘maturation process’ along the genital tract is observed. Sperm motility is triggered by changes in osmolality for seabass and turbot and in pH for Pacific… CONTINUE READING


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