Marangoni Flow in Freely Suspended Liquid Films.

  title={Marangoni Flow in Freely Suspended Liquid Films.},
  author={Torsten Trittel and Kirsten Harth and Christoph Klopp and Ralf Stannarius},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={122 23},
  • Torsten Trittel, Kirsten Harth, +1 author Ralf Stannarius
  • Published in Physical review letters 2019
  • Physics, Medicine
  • We demonstrate controlled material transport driven by temperature differences in thin freely suspended smectic films. Films with submicrometer thicknesses and lateral extensions of several millimeters were studied in microgravity during suborbital rocket flights. In-plane temperature differences cause two specific Marangoni effects, directed flow and convection patterns. At low gradients, practically thresholdless, flow transports material with a normal (negative) temperature coefficient of… CONTINUE READING

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