Mapping the subgroup epitopes of rotavirus protein VP6.

  title={Mapping the subgroup epitopes of rotavirus protein VP6.},
  author={Susana Gonz{\'a}lez L{\'o}pez and Rafaela Espinosa and Harry B Greenberg and Carlos F Arias},
  volume={204 1},
VP6, the most abundant protein of rotaviruses, contains epitopes that allow the classification of these viruses into four subgroups (SG), depending on the presence or absence of two epitopes called I and II. The subgroup-specific epitopes are conformational and appear to be present on trimeric but not monomeric VP6. We have identified on VP6 some of the amino acids that determine the reactivity of the subgroup-specific mAbs 255/60 and 631/9. A single amino acid mutation at positions 172 (Met to… CONTINUE READING

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