Mapping the linguistic landscape of a commercial neighbourhood in Central Phnom Penh

  title={Mapping the linguistic landscape of a commercial neighbourhood in Central Phnom Penh},
  author={Luanga Adrien Kasanga},
  journal={Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development},
  pages={553 - 567}
  • L. A. Kasanga
  • Published 15 August 2012
  • Linguistics
  • Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development
Abstract This article examines the distributional pattern of signs in the linguistic landscape of a neighbourhood in the commercial district of Phonm Penh, Cambodia. Informed by the frameworks of ethnolinguistic vitality and ethnocultural stereotypes, it discusses the developing multilingualism from socio-economic and historical perspectives. An analysis of the language distribution shows that Khmer, the national and official language of Cambodia is, unsurprisingly, numerically the most… 
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