Mapping studies of the serum cholinesterase-2 locus (CHE2)

  title={Mapping studies of the serum cholinesterase-2 locus (CHE2)},
  author={Mary L. Marazita and Bronya J. B. Keats and M. Anne Spence and Robert S. Sparkes and Leigh L. Field and Maryellen C. Sparkes and Michol Crist},
  journal={Human Genetics},
Serum cholinesterase (butyrylcholinesterase, EC, BChE) is controlled by two genetic loci, CHE1 and CHE2. The CHE1 locus has been mapped to 3q, but the map location of CHE2 is uncertain. In an effort to clarify the location of CHE2, we combined all the published linkage analysis data for CHE2 (as summarized in the Keats Linkage Database) with the data from the UCLA Linkage Database. Exclusions with substantial portions of the genome could be made (notably with portions of chromosomes 1… CONTINUE READING