Mapping of important international academic awards

  title={Mapping of important international academic awards},
  author={Juntao Zheng and Niancai Liu},
  pages={763 - 791}
International academic awards are popular as incentives and rewards for academics all over the world, and have played a significant role in the performance evaluations of individuals and institutions. However, little is known about the relative importance of awards and the relationships between awards. This study aims to establish a comprehensive global map of important international academic awards, which visually presents the relative reputations of awards and the close or distant… 

The hierarchical status of international academic awards in social sciences

The result suggests that a hierarchical status exists among international academic awards in social sciences, which may help to enhance the understanding of the Matthew effect in the academic awards system.

Highly prestigious international academic awards and their impact on university rankings

Developers of ranking systems should consider adding awards as a variable in assessing the performance of universities, because awards help ranking systems set universities further apart from each other, making it easier for users to detect differences in the levels of performance.

Winners and runners-up alike?—a comparison between awardees and special mention recipients of the most reputable science award in Colombia via a composite citation indicator

This study examines the bibliometric features of individual researcher profiles of those participants who received a special mention in Colombia's most prestigious prize in the sciences: the Alejandro Ángel Escobar Prize (AAEP).

How do Price medalists’ scholarly impact change before and after their awards?

How a scholar's achievement and productivity may change by the award of an academic prize is a topic of a long-term interest in research fields such as scientometrics. Numerous studies have explored

How Winning an International Scientific Award Affects Publishing Behavior of Laureates: the Case of Derek de Solla Price Medal in Scientometrics

This research aims to investigate the effect of the Derek de Solla Price memorial award reception on publishing behavior of medalists through comparing their research performance in 5 years before

The role of Egyptian State Awards in changing researchers’ performance in the science and technology sector

Egyptians generally pay attention to the State Awards as the most prestigious awards that Egyptian researchers can receive, including the Nile Award, the State Appreciation Award, the State Award

The Colombian scientific elite—Science mapping and a comparison with Nobel Prize laureates using a composite citation indicator

A well-established agenda on the research output, impact, and structure of global scientific elites such as Nobel Prize laureates has generated interest in the scientific elites from developing

Academic Performance vs. Academic Reputation: What Comes First – How Well You Perform or How Others See Your Performance?

Global ranking systems have mesmerized both the academia and the general public because they have quickly become an essential part of decision-making processes for various stakeholders. Today, many

Discovering types of research performance of scientists with significant contributions

Although no clear relationship was identified between research performance and scientific contribution, research productivity had a weaker association with scientific contribution than did research influence.

The gender gap in highly prestigious international research awards, 2001–2020

The study examines gender disparities in the world’s 141 most prestigious international research awards and concludes that the gender gap in highly prestigious research awards is largely a result of demographic inertia and other factors that deserve further investigation.