Mapping of B-cell epitopes in the nucleocapsid protein of Puumala hantavirus.

  title={Mapping of B-cell epitopes in the nucleocapsid protein of Puumala hantavirus.},
  author={{\AA}ke Lundkvist and Helga Meisel and Diana Koletzki and Hilkka Lankinen and F Cifire and Astrid Geldmacher and Claus Sibold and Prof. Dr. U. G{\"o}tt and Antti Vaheri and Detlev H. Kr{\"u}ger and Rainer Ulrich},
  journal={Viral immunology},
  volume={15 1},
Hantavirus nucleocapsid protein (N) has been proven to induce highly protective immune responses in animal models. The knowledge on the mechanisms behind N-induced protection is still limited, although recent data suggest that both cellular and humoral immune responses are of importance. For a detailed B-cell epitope mapping of Puumala hantavirus (PUUV) N, we used recombinant N derivatives of the Russian strain CG18-20 and the Swedish strain Vranica/Hällnäs, as well as overlapping synthetic… CONTINUE READING


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