Mapping from motor cortex to biceps and triceps altered by elbow angle.

  title={Mapping from motor cortex to biceps and triceps altered by elbow angle.},
  author={Michael S. A. Graziano and Kaushal T Patel and Charlotte S.R. Taylor},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={92 1},
This experiment used cortical microstimulation to probe the mapping from primary motor cortex to the biceps and triceps muscles of the arm in monkeys. The mapping appeared to change depending on the angle at which the elbow was fixed. For sites in the dorsal part of the arm and hand representation, the effects of stimulation were consistent with initiating a movement of the elbow to an extended angle. Stimulation evoked more triceps activity than biceps activity, and this difference was largest… CONTINUE READING


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