Mapping epitopes for 20 monoclonal antibodies to CR1.

  title={Mapping epitopes for 20 monoclonal antibodies to CR1.},
  author={Michael W. Nickells and Richard E. Hauhart and Malgorzata Krych and Venkata Subramanian and K M Geoghegan-Barek and Henry C Marsh and John P Atkinson},
  journal={Clinical and experimental immunology},
  volume={112 1},
Complement receptor type one (CR1; CD35) binds and processes C3b and C4b opsonized immune complexes and regulates complement activation. We have characterized the epitopes of 13 previously reported and seven new MoAbs to human CR1. The MoAbs formed seven groups based on their reactivity with a panel of deletion forms of CR1. Seventeen of the MoAbs reacted with CR1 at more than one site, a consequence of its repetitive sequence. All five of the MoAbs recognizing epitopes in the nearly identical… CONTINUE READING

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