Mapping constructions of Islamic space in North America: A frame-work for further inquiry

  title={Mapping constructions of Islamic space in North America: A frame-work for further inquiry},
  author={Aaron W. Hughes},
  journal={Studies in Religion},
  pages={339 - 357}
  • A. Hughes
  • Published 1 September 2004
  • Sociology
  • Studies in Religion
This study seeks to begin the process of articulating a new understanding of conceptualizing Islam in North America. Unlike previous studies that examine North American Islam from the perspectives of sociology or history, what follows attempts to use certain questions formulated by the anthropology of religion. This calls for examining the complexity and messiness of Islams, especially as they relate to equally unstable factors such as culture and society. From there, this study focusses on the… 
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Bibliographie Internationale de Sociologie des Religions 2004/ International Bibligraphy of Sociology of Religions 2004
  • 2005
Les lecteurs de notre revue trouveront cidessous la bibliographie internationale de sociologie des religions pour l’année 2004. Nous rappelons que notre bibliographie ne couvre de façon systématique


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