Mapping and developmental expression analysis of the WD-repeat gene Preb.

  title={Mapping and developmental expression analysis of the WD-repeat gene Preb.},
  author={Catherine L Taylor Clelland and Ligia I Craciun and Carter Bancroft and Thomas Lufkin},
  volume={63 3},
We have isolated from mouse a novel WD-motif-containing gene designated Preb. This gene encodes a predicted protein of 416 amino acids and has significant homology with other members of the WD-motif gene superfamily that play a role in cell fate determination. Preb maps to the proximal end of chromosome 5 in mouse, near the Hmx1 homeobox gene. Preb is detectable in early stage embryos in the peripheral nervous system, developing liver, and surface ectoderm. Later, Preb is expressed in the… CONTINUE READING
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