Mapping Human Genetic Diversity in Asia

  title={Mapping Human Genetic Diversity in Asia},
  author={M. A. Abdulla and I. Ahmed and A. Assawamakin and J. Bhak and S. Brahmachari and G. Calacal and A. Chaurasia and Chien-Hsiun Chen and Jieming Chen and Y. Chen and J. Chu and E. M. Cutiongco-de la Paz and M. C. A. De Ungria and F. Delfin and J. Edo and S. Fuchareon and Ho Ghang and T. Gojobori and J. Han and S. Ho and B. P. Hoh and W. Huang and H. Inoko and P. Jha and T. Jinam and L. Jin and Jongsun Jung and Daoroong Kangwanpong and Jatupol Kampuansai and G. Kennedy and Preeti Khurana and Hyung-Lae Kim and Kwangjoong Kim and S. Kim and W. Kim and K. Kimm and R. Kimura and Tomohiro Koike and S. Kulawonganunchai and V. Kumar and P. Lai and J. Lee and S. Lee and E. Liu and P. Majumder and Kiran Kumar Mandapati and S. Marzuki and W. Mitchell and M. Mukerji and K. Naritomi and Chumpol Ngamphiw and N. Niikawa and N. Nishida and Bermseok Oh and S. Oh and J. Ohashi and A. Oka and R. Ong and C. Padilla and P. Palittapongarnpim and Henry B. Perdigon and M. Phipps and E. Png and Y. Sakaki and J. Salvador and Yuliana Sandraling and V. Scaria and M. Seielstad and M. Sidek and A. Sinha and Metawee Srikummool and H. Sudoyo and S. Sugano and H. Suryadi and Y. Suzuki and K. A. Tabbada and A. Tan and K. Tokunaga and S. Tongsima and L. P. Villamor and Eric E. Wang and Y. Wang and H. Wang and J. Wu and H. Xiao and S. Xu and J. O. Yang and Y. Shugart and Hyang-Sook Yoo and W. Yuan and G. Zhao and B. A. Zilfalil},
  pages={1541 - 1545}
  • M. A. Abdulla, I. Ahmed, +89 authors B. A. Zilfalil
  • Published 2009
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Science
  • Patterns of Early Migration In order to gain insight into various migrations that must have happened during movement of early humans into Asia and the subsequent populating of the largest continent on Earth, the HUGO Pan-Asian SNP Consortium (p. 1541) analyzed genetic variation in almost 2000 individuals representing 73 Asian and two non-Asian populations. The results suggest that there may have been a single major migration of people into Asia and a subsequent south-to-north migration across… CONTINUE READING
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