Many researchers were not compliant with their published data sharing statement: mixed-methods study.

  title={Many researchers were not compliant with their published data sharing statement: mixed-methods study.},
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Open Science and COVID-19 Randomized Controlled Trials: Examining Open Access, Preprinting, and Data Sharing-Related Practices During the Pandemic

The results demonstrate that, while progress has been made, there is still a significant mismatch between aspiration and the practice of open science in an important area of the COVID-19 literature.

Policies to regulate data sharing of cohorts via data infrastructures: An interview study with funding agencies

Policy measures that restrict the decision-making authority of researchers in terms of data sharing are not generally supported and concrete steps are proposed to enable evidence-based policy making.

Open Research Data: Experimenting Towards a Publishing Infrastructure

The work that has been undertaken by the ESTS editorial collective over the last two years towards establishing a publishing infrastructure for open research data is described to better understand the possible benefits for the STS community from data sharing and the role that a scholarly-run journal could play in realizing such opportunities.

Sharing study materials in health and medical research

Making study materials available allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the scientific literature and Educating researchers on how to best share their materials requires action from a variety of stakeholders including journals, funders and research institutions.

The reproducibility of COVID-19 data analysis: paradoxes, pitfalls, and future challenges

In conclusion, new paradigms and new designs schemes are needed in order to reach inferential conclusions that are meaningful and informative when dealing with data collected during emergencies like COVID-19.

Developing a standardized but extendable framework to increase the findability of infectious disease datasets

This work evaluated metadata standards across established biomedical data repositories and created a reusable metadata schema based on that enabled data discovery, increased the reusability of datasets from a large research consortium, and accelerated research.

Approachable Case Studies Support Learning and Reproducibility in Data Science: An Example from Evolutionary Biology

ABSTRACT Research reproducibility is essential for scientific development. Yet, rates of reproducibility are low. As increasingly more research relies on computers and software, efforts for improving

Be Prospective, Not Retrospective: A Philosophy for Advancing Reproducibility in Modern Biological Research

This essay presents a programming-language agnostic template architecture that can be immediately copied and made bespoke to your next paper, whether your labwork is wet, dry, or somewhere in between and presents a philosophy for prioritizing reproducibility in modern biological research.

A guide to open science practices for animal research

Translational biomedical research relies on animal experiments and provides the underlying proof of practice for clinical trials, which places an increased duty of care on translational researchers