Many‐particle Physics

  title={Many‐particle Physics},
  author={Peter Rennert},
  journal={Crystal Research and Technology},
  • P. Rennert
  • Published 1982
  • Physics
  • Crystal Research and Technology

Hund and anti-Hund rules in circular molecules

We study the validity of Hund's first rule for the spin multiplicity in circular molecules - made of real or artificial atoms such as quantum dots - by considering a perturbative approach in the

Collective charge excitations of strongly correlated electrons, vertex corrections, and gauge invariance

We consider the collective, long-wavelength charge excitations in correlated media in presence of short- and long-range forces. As an example for the case of a short-range interaction, we examine the

Theoretical Methods in the Non-Equilibrium Quantum Mechanics of Many Bodies

Abstract : A toolbox of theoretical methods pertinent to the study of non-equilibrium many-body quantum mechanics is presented with an eye to specific applications in cold atoms systems and solids.

Petascale computing opens new vistas for quantum Monte

For many kinds of problem the accuracy of quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) is much better than that of density functional theory (DFT), and its scaling with number of atoms is much more favourable than that

Interactions in Quantum Fluids

In these notes I review the basic concepts of the effects of interactions on quantum particles. I focuss here mostly on the case of fermions, but several aspects of interacting bosons are mentioned

A pr 2 00 9 Valley dependent many-body effects in 2 D semiconductors

We calculate the valley degeneracy (gv) dependence of the many-body renormalization of quasiparticle properties in multivalley 2D semiconductor structures due to the Coulomb interaction between the

Charge Transport in Organic Crystals

The understanding of charge transport is one of the central goals in the research on semiconducting crystals. For organic crystals this is particularly complicated due to the strength of the

Low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy: A study on charge density waves and vortex dynamics

Title of dissertation: Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy: A Study On Charge Density Waves and Vortex Dynamics Hui Wang, Doctor of Philosophy, 2009 Dissertation directed

On the break in the single-particle energy dispersions and the ‘universal’ nodal Fermi velocity in the high-temperature copper oxide superconductors

Recent data from angle-resolved photoemission experiments published by Zhou et al. [Nature, 423, 398 (2003)] concerning a number of hole-doped copper-oxide-based high-temperature superconductors

Stability conditions for a large anharmonic bipolaron

A large polaron is a quasiparticle that consists of a nearly free electron interacting with the phonons of a material, whose lattice parameters are much smaller than the polaron scale. The