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Manuka honey, a low cost leg ulcer dressing.

  title={Manuka honey, a low cost leg ulcer dressing.},
  author={B Wood and Marius Rademaker and Peter C. Molan},
  journal={The New Zealand medical journal},
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The evidence for honey promoting wound healing

  • Medicine
  • 2010
The clinical observations recorded are that infection is rapidly cleared, inflammation, swelling and pain are quickly reduced, odour is reduced, sloughing of necrotic tissue is induced, granulation and epithelialisation are hastened, and healing occurs rapidly with minimal scarring.

The effects of honey on the inflammatory response of cells with respect to wound healing

It was found that low concentrations of honey stimulated resting T cells to proliferate and express the IL-2 receptor in a dose-dependent manner with progressive dilution, suggesting that honey contains lymphomitogenic factors.

Excellent antibacterial activity of Slovak honeys on bacteria mostly infecting chronic wounds.

Slovak ecologically produced honey samples demonstrated an excellent in vitro antibacterial activity, superior to the monofloral medical-grade Manuka honey activity.

Enhancing wound healing dressing development through interdisciplinary collaboration

The different types of wound dressings and biomaterials used to treat wounds are explored, and the role of multidisciplinary collaboration in the development of various wound management technologies is investigated to illustrate the benefit of direct collaboration between physicians and scientists.

Efektivitas Campuran Povidone Iodine dan Madu dalam Penyembuhan Laserasi

The mixture of 5% povidone iodine and pure honey are more effective compared to 5%povid one iodine only for the healing process of lacerations of the dorsal aspect of the right foot.

Medical honey and the role in pediatric emergency wound management

An update of present knowledge using honey as a form of complementary medicine in pediatric wound management for a wide range of types of wounds is presented.

Honey, Food and Medicine: Scientific Rationale and Practical Efficiency in External Administration of Medicinal Honey for Wound Healing

Action and clinical effects of L-Mesitran range of dressings, based on medicinal honey and authorized European Union (EU) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have been highlighted in a case series of patients in the Department of Plastic Surgery, Emergency District Hospital of Ploiesti, Romania, by monitoring the clinical local evolution of burns and other wounds.

Honey in Medicine : A Review

The ancient Greeks considered honey as medicine and believed that if bee honey is taken regularly human life could be prolon ged, so people should eat honey to preserve their health and vigour.

Honey Dressing versus Pyodine Dressing for the Treatment of Diabetic foot ulcers

Honey is more affective alternative to povidone iodine in diabetic foot ulcers in a randomized controlled trial performed in Ayub Teaching Hospital from August 2013 to July 2014.

Antimicrobial Dressing for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Colonized with MRSA

In this review, an attempt made to summarize various antimicrobial dressings based on its activity against MRSA.