Manufacturing Robotics The Next Robotic Industrial Revolution

  title={Manufacturing Robotics The Next Robotic Industrial Revolution},
  author={Vijay M. Pawar and James Law and Carsten Maple},

O2S: Open-source open shuttle

O 2 S is a low-cost, open-source and modular alternative to the robot operating system (ROS), has a maximum payload of 90kg, and costs less than $1500, and provides a simple yet robust framework for contextualizing simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms, an essential prerequisite for autonomous robot navigation.

Filtering Touch: An Ethnography of Dirt, Danger, and Industrial Robots

“Industry 4.0” marks the advent of a new wave of industrial robotics designed to bring increased automation to “extreme” touch practices and enhance productivity. This article presents an ethnography

Reconstruction of refractive index maps using photogrammetry

Large volume metrology is a key enabler of autonomous precision manufacturing. For component positioning, the optical-based metrology technique of photogrammetry could be used more widely if its

Challenges in the Safety-Security Co-Assurance of Collaborative Industrial Robots

This chapter highlights the state of the art and recent challenges in human-robot collaboration in manufacturing both from a safety and security perspective and lists of procedural and technological issues to be tackled in the coordinated assurance of collaborative industrial robots.

Rebooting Inclusive Education? New Technologies and Disabled People

This paper provides a speculative, conceptual and literature-based review of the relationship between disability and new technologies with a specific focus on inclusive education for disabled

Robotic technology towards industry 4.0: Automatic object sorting robot arm using kinect sensor

This study aims to create a robot arm design that uses a Kinect sensor as a smart peripheral to approach the human ability to see an object in a color-based object sorting simulation.


Marek Vagaš Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Mechanic al Engineering, Letna 9, Kosice, Slovak Republic, (corresponding author) Alena Galajdová Technical University of

Putting People and Robots Together in Manufacturing: Are We Ready?

Why the success of augmenting human–robot collaboration in manufacturing relies on better consideration of human requirements is explained, and current research work in the European A4BLUE project is described to identify this knowledge.



Lectures on economic growth

Acknowledgments Introduction 1. On the Mechanics of Economic Development 2. Why Doesn't Capital Flow from Rich to Poor Countries? 3. Making a Miracle 4. Some Macroeconomics for the Twenty-First

The Industrial Revolution and Work in Nineteenth Century Europe

Rethinking the Industrial Revolution - the present and the past of the English Industrial Revolution, 1880-1980 mechanization and hand labour in industrializing Britain social change in modern Europe

The industrial revolution, 1760-1830

The Industrial Revolution has sometimes been regarded as a catastrophe which desecrated the English landscape and brought social opporession and appalling physical hardship to the workers. In this

Progress and Poverty: An Economic and Social History of Britain, 1700–1850

This is a major college text. It will become prescribed reading for anyone studying British history in the 18th and 19th centuries. The book examines the massive structural change, the creation of

Pessimism Perpetuated: Real Wages and the Standard of Living in Britain during and after the Industrial Revolution

New estimates of nominal earnings and the cost of living are presented and used to make a fresh assessment of changes in the real earnings of male and female manual workers in Britain from 1770 to