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Manual of Nearctic Diptera

  title={Manual of Nearctic Diptera},
  author={J. F. McAlpine},
Manual of Nearctic Diptera , Manual of Nearctic Diptera , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی 

New species of Damalis Fabricius (Diptera: Asilidae) from Thailand and China

Damalis bigoti and D. candonensis, new species, from Thailand and China, are described, illustrated, and compared with known species from these regions.

Idiocera Dale, 1842 (Diptera, Limoniidae) from Baltic amber (Eocene)

Abstract The first two fossil species of Idiocera Dale (Diptera, Limoniidae) are described from Baltic amber (Eocene). Their affinities to recent Idiocera and Gonomyia are discussed.

Key to Adults of Afrotropical Species of the Genus Chrysomya Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

An identification key is presented here for adults of the genus Chrysomya from the Afrotropical Region and notes on the distribution and biology of the 12 species are also given.

New species of Prepseudatrichia Kelsey from Thailand (Diptera, Scenopinidae)

Abstract A new species of Prepseudatrichia Kelsey, 1969 (Prepseudatrichia tiger sp. n.) is described from Thailand, the first record of the genus from the Oriental region. A key to world species of

A New Nearctic Species of Cluzobra (Diptera: Sciaroidea: Sciophilinae)

A new species, Cluzobra demayi with distinct male terminalia is described from the Florida Keys, and Vockeroth (1981) indicates the presence of an undescribed specimen from Louisiana.

First records of species of the Hesperinidae and Cylindrotomidae (Diptera: Nematocera) from Turkey

Hesperinus imbecillus (Loew, 1858) is recorded from Turkey and this represents the first record for this dipteran family in the country. From the family Cylindrotomidae, Cylindrotoma distinctissima

A conspectus on the Canacidae (Diptera) of Brazil

Abstract Species of Canacidae sensu lato of Brazil are reviewed, including the subfamilies Canacinae and Tethininae. Included are seven species in five genera with two species, Nocticanace austra and

A new species of Pygommatius Scarbrough and Hill (Diptera: Asilidae) from Cameroun

The Afrotropical key is modified to include the new species Pygommatius gruwelli, from Cameroun, and the illustrated wing of P. brevicornis (Curran) is included for comparison.

Phylogeny of Ptychopteroidea (Insecta: Diptera)

A phylogenetic tree is proposed for the superfamily Ptychopteroidea, reconstructed taking into account both extinct and extant taxa and based mainly on characters of wing venation.

Occurrence of Physoclypeus farinosus Hendel (Diptera: Lauxaniidae) in flowerheads of Asteraceae (Asterales).

The occurrence of Physoclypeus farinosus Hendel in flowerheads of Asteraceae from different Brazilian localities is presented. The use of this resource by this fly is discussed.



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