Mansex Fine: Religion, Manliness and Imperialism in Nineteenth-Century British Culture by David Alderson (review)

  title={Mansex Fine: Religion, Manliness and Imperialism in Nineteenth-Century British Culture by David Alderson (review)},
  author={Robert D. Fraser},
  journal={The Yearbook of English Studies},
  pages={273 - 274}
  • R. Fraser
  • Published 1 January 2022
  • History
  • The Yearbook of English Studies
Manly freedom and England's Protestant destiny an anatomy of the British polity - Alton Locke, Christian manliness and the games ethic out of unreality - J.H. Newman hysteric Celts the wreck of an English subject - Gerald Manley Hopkins buggering Gerald - Oscar Wilde and English virtue the poet's war. 
Race and religion in the Victorian age: Charles Kingsley, Governor Eyre and the Morant Bay Rising
A consideration of the ideological issues surrounding the controversy of Governor Edward Eyre's draconian reaction to the Morant Bay rising in Jamaica in 1865, and of the responses to it of a number
Confession as Cultural Form: The Plymouth Inquiry
The first result, on the part of a penitent, is a deadness of heart to all but the Confessor’s or Director’s influence. Then succeeds a sneering morbid religionism, coincident with a too consistent
Randy on the Rand: Portuguese African Labor and the Discourse on "Unnatural Vice" in the Transvaal in the Early Twentieth Century
  • R. Forman
  • Sociology, Medicine
    Journal of the history of sexuality
  • 2002
Cet article retrace le developpement d'attitudes europeenne, blanche, concernant les comportements sexuels entre hommes dans les mines d'Afrique du Sud au debut du 20eme siecle. Les tensions
Dueling, Conflicting Masculinities, and the Victorian Gentleman
Abstract This article takes an unexplored popular debate from the 1860s over the role of dueling in regulating gentlemanly conduct as the starting point to examine the relationship between elite
VICTORIAN CULTURE treated idolatry as a serious and compelling moral problem. For Victorian Protestants, this term meant more than simply the worship of graven images: it became the privileged term
Attachment and Possession: The Romance of Family, Politics and Things in The Line of Beauty
This chapter deals with the peculiar state of ‘suspension’ in which Nick Guest is sustained throughout The Line of Beauty up to his exclusion from, and disenchantment with, the Fedden household at
This review will survey some of the most important historical studies of nineteenth- and twentieth-century British masculinity which have appeared in the last decade. It endorses John Tosh's
Supposed Figure of a Woman?' Homosociality in the British Solomon Islands, 1880-1940
Drawing from research conducted in the Western Pacific High Commission archival collection, this project is based upon colonial conditions in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate (B.S.I.P.),
Missionary Millennium: The American West; North and West Africa in the Christian Imagination
During the 1890s in the United States, Midwestern YMCA missionaries challenged the nexus of power between Northeastern Protestant denominations, industrialists, politicians, and the Association's
H.M. Stanley, David Livingstone, and the Staging of ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Manliness
ABSTRACT This article examines the portrayal of the meeting between the Scottish missionary David Livingstone and the Welsh-American journalist Henry Morton Stanley in Stanley's popular travelogue