Manipulation of the spontaneous emission dynamics of quantum dots in two-dimensional photonic crystals

  title={Manipulation of the spontaneous emission dynamics of quantum dots in two-dimensional photonic crystals},
  author={A. Kress and F. Hofbauer and N. Reinelt and H. Krenner and R. Meyer and G. Boehm and J. Finley},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We demonstrate the ability to control the spontaneous emission dynamics of self-assembled quantum dots via the local density of optical modes in two-dimensional s2Dd photonic crystals. We show that an incomplete 2D photonic band gap is sufficient to significantly lengthen the spontaneous emission lifetimes.2 3 d over a wide bandwidth sDl o40 nmd. For dots that are both spectrally and spatially coupled to strongly localized fVmodes, 1.5sl / nd 3 g, high Q, 2700 optical modes, we have directly… Expand
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