Manipulation of porcine carcass composition by ractopamine.

  title={Manipulation of porcine carcass composition by ractopamine.},
  author={Olayiwola Adeola and E A Darko and Ping He and Laura G Young},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={68 11},
The effect of dietary ractopamine and protein level on growth performance, individual muscle weight and carcass composition of finishing pigs were evaluated in two experiments. Twelve barrows and 12 gilts (Exp. 1) and 32 barrows (Exp. 2) with an average initial weight of 64 kg were penned individually and offered ractopamine at 0 or 20 ppm in diets containing 13 or 17% CP in 2 x 2 factorial experiments for 28 d. In both experiments, dietary ractopamine improved daily gain (P less than .1) and… CONTINUE READING


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