Manipulation of peripheral neural feedback loops alters human corticomuscular coherence.

  title={Manipulation of peripheral neural feedback loops alters human corticomuscular coherence.},
  author={C. Nicholas Riddle and Stuart N. Baker},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={566 Pt 2},
Sensorimotor EEG shows approximately 20 Hz coherence with contralateral EMG. This could involve efferent and/or afferent components of the sensorimotor loop. We investigated the pathways responsible for coherence genesis by manipulating nervous conduction delays using cooling. Coherence between left sensorimotor EEG and right EMG from three hand and two forearm muscles was assessed in healthy subjects during the hold phase of a precision grip task. The right arm was then cooled to 10 degrees C… CONTINUE READING
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