Manipulation of fruit set and stylar-end fruit split in ‘Nova’ mandarin hybrid

  title={Manipulation of fruit set and stylar-end fruit split in ‘Nova’ mandarin hybrid},
  author={Graham H. Barry and John P. Bower},
  journal={Scientia Horticulturae},

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Foliar 2,4-D Application after Physiological Fruit Drop Reduces Fruit Splitting of Mandarin
Various mandarin (Citrus reticulata) cultivars are prone to fruit splitting, a physiological disorder that entails cracking of the rind, starting from the stylar end of the fruit, with eventual
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The study conducted on valencia orange trees (Citrus sinensis, L) budded on sour orange rootstock, indicating that, (DKP) at 1% was the best treatment for increasing fruit quality, yield and leaf mineral content followed in a descending order by (MKP at 2% and active bread yeast at 40ppm.
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Fruit splitting, a physiological disorder of peel development in citrus, has been studied in terms of peel thickness and puncturing resistance in ‘Nova’ mandarins. Both features are negatively
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Extensibility of pericarp tissue in growing citrus fruits.
  • M. Kaufmann
  • Materials Science, Medicine
    Plant physiology
  • 1970
Measurements of the stretch modulus of tissues from the pericarp support the hypothesis that changes in the tension existing in thepericarp depend upon conditions in thePericarp and are not related to changes in volume or pressure in the juice vesicles.
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Extensibilily of pericarp tissue in growiLng citrus fruits
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