Manifesting a Future for Comparative Rhetoric

  title={Manifesting a Future for Comparative Rhetoric},
  author={Luming Robert Mao and Bo Wang and Arabella Lyon and Susan C. Jarratt and C. Jan Swearingen and Susan Romano and Peter Simonson and Steven J. Mailloux and Xing Lu},
  journal={Rhetoric Review},
  pages={239 - 274}
In early June 2013, a group of rhetoric and composition scholars gathered in Lawrence, Kansas, to take part in a comparative rhetoric seminar, part of the 2013 Rhetoric Society of America Summer In... 
In this dissertation, I conceptualize a rhetorical and linguistic analysis of politics from a decolonial framework (Mignolo, 2011; Smith, 2012). My analysis draws on classical rhetoric (Aristotle,
Of Exterior and Exception: Latin American Rhetoric, Subalternity, and the Politics of Cultural Difference
abstract:The question of non-Western difference has come to feature prominently across the field of comparative rhetoric, where it is often presupposed that an irreducible difference separates
Mythic Progenitors in Chinese and Sumerian Rhetorical Culture: A Short Primer
ABSTRACT This argument demonstrates how rhetorical theory was shaped recursively by the mythology of ancient Sumer and China, and resulted in new discursive formations in subsequent rhetorical
Thinking Through Difference and Facts of Nonusage: A Dialogue Between Comparative Rhetoric and Translingualism
  • L. Mao
  • Education, Sociology
  • 2018
Difference or facts of nonusage present a challenge to teacher-scholars of writing and rhetoric in WAC/WID and beyond. How can they appropriately engage different language and rhetorical practices in
A Feminist Praxis of Comparative Rhetoric
Why is a feminist praxis necessary for a comparative study of rhetoric? What would a feminist praxis of comparative rhetoric do? mean? be? What can we come to know with a feminist praxis of
Bloody Rhetoric and Civic Unrest: Rhetorical Aims of Human Blood Splashing in the 2010 Thai Political Revolt
ABSTRACT In 2010, thousands of Thai citizens from the Red Shirt Movement splashed seventy-nine gallons of their blood in Bangkok to revolt for democracy. I argue that their conduct exemplified kaya
Clusivity in Presidential Discourse: A Rhetorical Discourse Analysis of State-of-the-Nation Addresses in Ghana and the United States
.....................................................................................7 CHAPTER ONE: THE ROLE OF LANGUAGE IN POLITICS.....................9 1.
From Sunlight to Shadow and Back Again: Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta and the Function of Analogical Reasoning in Mesopotamian Rhetoric
ABSTRACT This essay will demonstrate how both the cultural and temporal antecedents of classical rhetoric are linked to Mesopotamian writing by their shared use of similes, such as fable, aenigma,
Post-Aristotelianism and the Specters of Monolingualism
ABSTRACT Various efforts to desediment the universality of Aristotelian thought suggest that we are in the “time” of post-Aristotelianism. Yet, is it possible to be post-Aristotelian if the


Reclaiming Rhetorica: Women In The Rhetorical Tradition
These essays examine: how women have used language to reflect their vision of themselves and their age; how they have used traditional rhetoric and applied it to women's discourse; and how women have
Comparative Rhetoric: An Historical and Cross Cultural Introduction
This is the first book to offer a cross-cultural overview of rhetoric as a universal feature of expression and communication. The author explores analogies to human rhetoric in animal communication,
Postcolonial Interventions in the Rhetorical Canon: An “Other” View
Postcolonial theory and criticism provide rhetorical studies with an important critical and political perspective with which to engage in issues of neocolonialism and racism. This essay offers an
Historical studies of rhetorical women here and there: Methodological challenges to dominant interpretive frameworks
Abstract This article examines theoretical premises of the historical study of rhetorical women, epistemological confusions caused by postmodernism, and challenges from the studies of black and Third
A Survey of Research in Asian Rhetoric
This survey offers a forum for scholars who have been studying Asian rhetoric to express their views about some important issues in the discipline. Covering a variety of topics from the existing
Accountability: Towards a Definition of Hybridity for Scholars of Transnational Rhetorics
As rhetoricians turn increasingly to study non-Western rhetorics, they rely on postcolonial scholarship but sometimes encounter difficulties adapting its key methods—in particular, hybridity. While
Towards a Rhetoric of Communication, with Special Reference to the History of Korean Rhetoric
We often hear it said that today is the era of rhetoric, but we do not yet have a rhetoric general enough to include both Western and Asian rhetorics. Here I try to show how the rhetoric of
Notes on Prayerful Rhetoric with Divinities
This article explores some rhetorical paths of thinking about prayer in relation to traditional humanism and its alternatives. It seeks to develop a Heideggerian rhetorical hermeneutics in relation
Comparative Rhetoric, Postcolonial Studies, and Transnational Feminisms: A Geopolitical Approach
This essay examines methodological practices in comparative rhetoric over the past three decades and suggests that the field conceive new perspectives to engage with transnational spaces, hybrid