Manifestation of the magnetic resonance mode in the nodal quasiparticle lifetime of the superconducting cuprates.

  title={Manifestation of the magnetic resonance mode in the nodal quasiparticle lifetime of the superconducting cuprates.},
  author={Alexander A. Kordyuk and Sergey V. Borisenko and Andreas Koitzsch and J{\"o}rg Fink and Martin Knupfer and Bernd B{\"u}chner and Helmuth Berger and Giorgio Margaritondo and Chengtian Lin and Bernhard Keimer and Shimpei Ono and Yoichi Ando},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={92 25 Pt 1},
Studying the nodal quasiparticles in superconducting cuprates by photoemission with highly improved momentum resolution, we show that a new "kink" feature in the scattering rate is a key to uncover the nature of electron correlations in these compounds. Our data provide evidence that the main doping independent contribution to the scattering can be well understood in terms of the conventional Fermi liquid model, while the additional doping dependent contribution has a magnetic origin. This… 

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