Mangrove production and carbon sinks : A revision of global budget estimates

  title={Mangrove production and carbon sinks : A revision of global budget estimates},
  author={Steven Bouillon and Alberto Vieira Borges and Edward Casta{\~n}eda-Moya and Karen Diele and Thorsten Dittmar and Norman C Duke and Erik Krogh Kristensen and Shing Yip Lee and Cyril Marchand and Jack J. Middelburg and V{\'i}ctor H. Rivera-Monroy and Thomas James Smith and Robert R Twilley},
[1] Mangrove forests are highly productive but globally threatened coastal ecosystems, whose role in the carbon budget of the coastal zone has long been debated. Here we provide a comprehensive synthesis of the available data on carbon fluxes in mangrove ecosystems. A reassessment of global mangrove primary production from the literature results in a conservative estimate of 218 ± 72 Tg C a . When using the best available estimates of various carbon sinks (organic carbon export, sediment burial… CONTINUE READING
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