Manglares y sus Servicios Ecosistémicos: hacia un Desarrollo Sostenible

  title={Manglares y sus Servicios Ecosist{\'e}micos: hacia un Desarrollo Sostenible},
  author={Milagro Carvajal-Oses and {\'A}ngel Herrera-Ulloa and Benedicto Vald{\'e}s-Rodr{\'i}guez and R. Campos-Rodríguez},
  journal={Gesti{\'o}n y Ambiente},
Mangroves extend through the tropical and subtropical areas of the planet, they have adapted to survive adverse environmental conditions, therefore, they have developed survival characteristics against high salinity, anaerobic soils, and a challenging environment for seed dispersal and propagation. These forests offer ecosystem services that have been declining in recent years due to mainly anthropogenic factors, and climate change is also expected to influence negatively; therefore, it is… Expand