Mandibular two-implant-retained overdenture: prosthetic design and fabrication protocol.

  title={Mandibular two-implant-retained overdenture: prosthetic design and fabrication protocol.},
  author={Alexander Shor and Yoshihiro Goto and Kavita Shor},
  journal={Compendium of continuing education in dentistry},
  volume={28 2},
  pages={80-8; quiz 89, 101}
Among different treatment options, an implant-retained overdenture is a simple, cost-effective solution in the rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible. Despite widespread acceptance of this treatment, some controversies still exist with regard to the design of the overdenture, selection of the appropriate attachment system, and the most optimal techniques for the overdenture fabrication. In this article, the authors describe a mandibular overdenture retained by 2 freestanding implants placed… CONTINUE READING

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