Mandibular talon cusp: report of two rare cases.

  title={Mandibular talon cusp: report of two rare cases.},
  author={Sudeep V. Hegde and Benjamin Rajendra Kumar},
  journal={International journal of paediatric dentistry},
  volume={9 4},
Two rare cases of talon cusps in the mandibular incisors were observed during a prevalence study on talon cusp. One of them was seen on a mandibular primary lateral incisor. The other one was observed on the mandibular left permanent central incisor, and the right mandibular permanent central incisor was congenitally missing. There were no associated developmental syndromes with either of the cases reported. Of the 4770 children examined, nine cases had talon cusp with only two rare cases of… CONTINUE READING

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