Mandibular ceramic veneers: an examination of complex cases.

  • Richard L. Nixon
  • Published 1995 in
    Practical periodontics and aesthetic dentistry…


The indications for mandibular anterior ceramic veneers, tooth preparation design, provisionalization considerations, and placement procedures were presented in a previous article by the author. The functional utility, tissue biocompatibility, and dissimilarities of mandibular veneers, in comparison to maxillary anterior ceramic veneers, were explored, along with indications and contraindications for this form of treatment. This article demonstrates the aesthetic range of these restorations in the context of more complex cases. The learning objective of this article is to illustrate the viability of mandibular ceramic veneers in realigning teeth nonorthodontically, while sustaining the biologic health of the periodontium, stability of the occlusion, and aesthetic parameters of each case. The importance of wax mock-ups is outlined for visualization of the final result, as well as the evaluation of root proximity to avoid subgingival ledging of the teeth and subsequent periodontal disease. Orthodontics and other methods for the correction of anterior crowding are discussed.

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