Mandibular bone loss in ewe induced by hypothalamic-pituitary disconnection.

  title={Mandibular bone loss in ewe induced by hypothalamic-pituitary disconnection.},
  author={Ralf Oheim and Frank Timo Beil and Matthias Krause and Ronny Bindl and Anita Ignatius and Pia Pogoda},
  journal={Clinical oral implants research},
  volume={25 11},
PURPOSE It is supposed that the demographic change will lead to an increase in patients with impaired alveolar bone conditions. Large animal models are of particular interest in this context as they are suitable for developing and testing new dental implants. Recently, we demonstrated that surgical hypothalamo-pituitary disconnection (HPD) causes a pronounced low-turnover situation leading to cortical and trabecular bone loss in sheep. In this study, we aimed to investigate the influence of the… CONTINUE READING

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