Mandibular bone density and fractal dimension in rabbits with induced osteoporosis.

  title={Mandibular bone density and fractal dimension in rabbits with induced osteoporosis.},
  author={T E Southard and K A Southard and Kenneth E Krizan and Stephen L. Hillis and John W. Haller and Johnny Keller and M W Vannier},
  journal={Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics},
  volume={89 2},
OBJECTIVE Our goal in this investigation was to examine the mandibular bone density and radiographic textural changes and the relationship between mandibular and spinal bone mineral density in an osteoporotic rabbit model. STUDY DESIGN Three adult female New Zealand white rabbits in each of 4 groups received daily injections of cortisone acetate at a dosage of 0.0 (control), 3.0, 7.5, or 15.0 mg/kg for 4 weeks. The rabbits were then killed, and the mandible and spine of each animal were… CONTINUE READING

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