Mandaic and the Palestinian Question

  title={Mandaic and the Palestinian Question},
  journal={Journal of the American Oriental Society},
  • Häberl
  • Published 2021
  • Linguistics
  • Journal of the American Oriental Society
In his 1875 description of the language, Theodor Nöldeke describes Mandaic as among the purest of the Aramaic languages and the furthest from Western Aramaic, particularly with respect to its lexicon. As Mandæans identify their faith with that of John the Baptist and his community of followers, this observation is not without relevance for assessing the veracity of their accounts and reconstructing their history prior to the advent of Islam. Departing from the assumption that these accounts are… 



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Some Preliminary Remarks on the Origins of Classical Syriac as a Standard Language: The Syriac Version of Eusebius of Caesarea's Ecclesiastical History

  • as Joosten claims, the question remains: what are they doing in Mandaic? 37. Joosten
  • 1994

Psalm 33: 6 b-mellteh d-māryā

  • Psalm

Note the absence of any indication of the assimilation of the n, indicating a morphographemic spelling. 40. Joosten

  • West Aramaic

It must be admitted here that many Syriacists, who do not view Syriac as an Eastern Aramaic language

  • Journal of Biblical Literature
  • 1991

Drower Collection 37, The Exorcism of the Great Overthrower, and dC 43, The Poor Priest's Treasury

    West Aramaic

      those with a secondary articulation, either pharyngealization (as in Arabic) or glottalization (as in Ethio-Semitic)