Managing urban development in the pacific

  title={Managing urban development in the pacific},
  author={Paul Jones},
  journal={Australian Planner},
  pages={39 - 46}
  • Paul Jones
  • Published 1 January 2005
  • Economics
  • Australian Planner
This paper provides an overview of urban development themes, issues and concerns in Pacific Island Countries (PICs) in the context of developing a policy framework for managing Pacific urban development. It is organized into three main sections, namely, the contextual setting for Pacific Island towns and cities; major themes, issues and concerns in urban development in PICs; and developing a policy framework for managing Pacific urban development 

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1. Introduction: an Urban Pacific Part One: the Context of Urbanization in the Pacific 2. The Colonial Heritage 3. Population Growth and Migration 4. Economic Development: Towards the City? Part Two:

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