Managing the relationship between quality and cost-effective burn care.

  title={Managing the relationship between quality and cost-effective burn care.},
  author={Demetris Stavrou and Oren Weissman and Eyal Winkler and Eran Millet and Gil Grabov Nardini and Ariel Tessone and Niv Zmora and Oren Paul Mushin and Joseph Haik},
  journal={Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries},
  volume={37 3},
In the modern era of fiscal prudence, managing the relationship between quality health care and cost reduction is a complex and challenging task for policy makers and health care providers. Health economics is an applied field that aids in assessing the feasibility of incorporating new interventions in a certain field. Applying these tools when allocating funds for burn care is even more complicated due to the lack of clinical data regarding the cost effectiveness of different aspects in burn… CONTINUE READING

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