Managing the Maternal Body: A Comprehensive Review and Transdisciplinary Analysis

  title={Managing the Maternal Body: A Comprehensive Review and Transdisciplinary Analysis},
  author={Caroline Gatrell},
  journal={Health Economics eJournal},
This paper comprehensively reviews transdisciplinary and critical perspectives on the employed maternal (pregnant and post-birth) body in the context of management studies. It highlights the disparities between equal opportunities policies and everyday management practices in relation to pregnancy and new motherhood. In so doing, the review examines the contradictions between equal opportunities policies aimed at protecting pregnant and newly maternal employees and the discouraging treatment… 
Maternal body work: How women managers and professionals negotiate pregnancy and new motherhood at work
This article builds on the theorizing of body work through introducing a new concept: ‘maternal body work’. In so doing, it shows how progress towards a feminist politics of motherhood within
A multilevel perspective of the identity transition to motherhood
This study examines the identity transition of women when they become mothers and return to work. Twenty‐two first‐time mothers were interviewed at two points in time: just after giving birth and on
Across the pregnancy lifespan: examining workplace outcomes of concealing across stages of pregnancy
This is the first study to examine how one’s stage of pregnancy impacts identity management outcomes, showing that concealment of a pregnant identity predicts increased discrimination, but only for those in later stages of pregnancy.
A Southern encounter: Maternal body work and low‐income mothers in South Africa
This paper explores the maternal body work practices of black low-income mothers from resource-poor urban spaces in South Africa. Using Southern Theory to open our analytical lens, we recognise that
Social struggles over breastfeeding:how lactivism reshapes knowledge, meanings, and practices of breastfeeding
This thesis examines women's role in the social struggles over the meanings and practices of breastfeeding. From an initial observation in 2011 and 2012 of two situated flash mob protests in Warsaw,
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This review investigates the problems of definition and inequity with which the literature on parenthood and work–life balance is beset. It analyses research trajectories first within the established
Becoming Someone Different: A Grounded Theory Study of How Nurses Integrate Pregnancy and Full Time Employment
• What was missing for nursing: A Holistic Approach that exploresd how nurses integrate pregnancy and full time employment • Answer the Question: What’s it all about? What’s Going on? What happens? •
Motherhood and its impact on career progression
Purpose – After many years of equal opportunities legislation, motherhood still limits womens' career progress even in a feminized occupation such as nursing. While the effect of motherhood, working


Policy and the Pregnant Body at Work: Strategies of Secrecy, Silence and Supra‐performance
This article considers how women manage their pregnant bodies at work. Through netnographic research and drawing upon feminist discussions of the leaky pregnant body, I examine the experiences of US
Law’s Response to Pregnancy/Workplace Conflicts: A Critique
This paper considers law’s engagement with pregnancy/workplace conflicts. Drawing on recent research, including original empirical research conducted by the author, I consider how law’s response is
Geographies of infant feeding and access to primary health-care.
The findings of an exploratory qualitative research study of infant feeding decisions in Newcastle upon Tyne, England suggest that for health promotion initiatives to be effective across all social groups, there needs to be a socio-cultural understanding of different social groups' access to and interpretation of pre- and postnatal formal breastfeeding support health services.
Suckling and Silence in the USA: The Costs and Benefits of Breastfeeding
Feminist literature has highlighted the way in which pregnancy and childbearing signal ''difference'' from the male labor market norm. The issue of breastfeeding adds complexity to this analysis.
The virtues of cross-nursing and the 'yuk factor1
In Cindy Stearns’ groundbreaking empirical research on the problems women encounter trying to breastfeed in public places and the moral injunction to be discreet when they do so, she foregrounds an
Factors affecting the initiation of breastfeeding: implications for breastfeeding promotion.
  • S. Earle
  • Medicine
    Health promotion international
  • 2002
The data suggest that health promotion campaigns in the UK have been influential in their ability to educate women about the benefits of breastfeeding and some of the formula feeding women expressed a strong desire to re-establish their identities as separate individuals and as 'non-mothers.
Balancing breastfeeding and paid employment: a project targeting employers, women and workplaces.
While this project has achieved its objectives, further work is required to assist organizations to develop and implement policies and procedures for balancing breastfeeding and work, so that breastfeeding mothers who are returning to work can continue to breastfeed as long as they and their baby require it.
Factors Influencing the Planning Undertaken by Women During Pregnancy for Their Return to Work after Maternity Leave
Three components of planning were revealed: Planning for Childcare, Planning with Partner, and Planning with Employer; several factors emerged as consistent cross-sectional predictors of these components.
Employment, parity and single parenthood : their impact on health in pregnancy
This study examined the relationship between employment status and mental and physical health in pregnancy and identified variations in this relationship that were associated with parity and single parenthood and Logistic regression analyses established how employment and parenthood status wereassociated with the health of ea...