Managing temper tantrums.

  title={Managing temper tantrums.},
  author={Nathaniel S Beers},
  journal={Pediatrics in review},
  volume={24 2},
          70-1; discussion 70-1
  • Nathaniel S Beers
  • Published in Pediatrics in review 2003
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • 1. Nathaniel S. Beers, MD, MPA 1. Washington, DC 1. Infancy and Toddler Years. Zuckerman BS, Frank DA, Augustyn M. In: Levine MD, Carey WB, Crocker AC, eds. Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics . 3rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: WB Saunders; 1999 2. Functional Equivalence as a Mechanism of Response in Generalization. Carr E. In: Horner R, Koegel R, Dunlap G, eds. Generalization and Maintenance: Life-Style Changes in Applied Settings. Baltimore, Md: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co; 1988 3… CONTINUE READING

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