Managing technology projects: an organizational learning approach


Empirical studies have pointed to the need for coupling introduction of new technotkgy to organizational development and corporate strategy. We shall propose an organizational learning approach and present a fourperspective model which accepts the multi-dimensional nature of learning in organizations. This will allow for a comprehensive discussion, supported by case studies, of how to identify core competences in an indus@iul enterprise, how to analyze the present situation as a basis for suggesting combined means for further developing core competences. The paper will conclude with a series of statements which outline implications which may be drawn from the application of the four-perspective model of learning. organizational learning approach. Although much research has been carried out with relation to this subject, the current literature portraits a rather confused and complex picture of organizational learning. In an attempt to integrate a major part of the research and literature in a systematic manner, we have developed a four-perspective model which accepts the multidimensional nature of learning in organizations. First we shall present the integrating model. Then, its potential application for carrying out technology and organization projects will be delineated supplemented with case examples. 2. A four-perspective model of learning in

DOI: 10.1109/HICSS.1995.375635

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