Managing of Solid Waste through Public Private Partnership Model

  title={Managing of Solid Waste through Public Private Partnership Model},
  author={Giresh Mohan and Ujjawal Kumar Sinha and M. Lal},
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Abstract Solid waste management is fast becoming an insurmountable challenge across urban India, requiring urgent solutions, especially in view of rapid urbanization and inability of local urban authorities to tackle it. Saharanpur, a small city in Uttar Pradesh, represents a microcosm of most large cities and towns in India, grappling with similar challenges. With a decadal population growth of over 19% during 2001-2011, which is higher than the national growth, the city is confronted with the… Expand
Public–private partnership in solid waste management sector in the West Bank of Palestine
Overall conclusion is that sustainability can be accelerated once the government—represented by the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG)—is involved; providing legal support to local authorities and incentives to potential contractors in order to encourage them to join PPPs. Expand
Hunting for tonnage: waste workers’ incentives in a public-private partnership in Bafoussam, Cameroon
ABSTRACT Public-private partnerships are often depicted as an effective institutional arrangement to improve urban services towards sustainable development. In sub-Saharan Africa, the involvement ofExpand
Informal sector strategy in urban inorganic waste management toward 3 M management (Merubah: Changing, Mengurangi: Reducing, Manfaat: Benefit) in Semarang city
Moreover urban waste can be seen as a cultural problem because it affects various aspects of life, and the impact on urban waste management system nowadays are not effective and efficient yet. TheExpand
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Every municipal corporation must provide civic services to its population. Since liberalization period, the population and urbanization has increased very fast in Thane city. The density ofExpand
Incentive Mechanism for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal PPP Projects in China
In municipal solid waste disposal public–private-partnership (PPP) projects, economic benefits, as well as social and ecological benefits, are critical in sustaining sustainability development.Expand
Challenges in municipal solid waste management: a key
Municipal Solid Waste Management Workers are  facing difficulties due to an immeasurable stage and insufficient handling technique of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). At the present situation, urbanisa...
Public-Private Partnership Transformation and Worker Satisfaction: A Case Study of Sanitation Workers in H-City, China
Recent years have witnessed a rapid development of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) as a new model of public service provision. Transitioning from bureaucrat- to market-oriented management of publicExpand
Retorno social de la inversión para gestionar los residuos sólidos urbanos de Metepec, México
<p><strong>Objetivo</strong>: determinar el retorno social de la inversión del programa de limpia pública; con el fin de evaluar la rentabilidad extrafinanciera de la gestión integral de residuosExpand
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A 2500-year-old game meets its match as a computer competes with one of the greatest human champions of all time and wins and there are many applications of deep learning. Expand


Urbanization and Solid Waste Management in India: Present Practices and Future Challenges
Abstract Urbanization is now becoming a global phenomenon, but its ramifications are more pronounced in developing countries. High rate of population growth, declining opportunities in rural areasExpand
Improving Municipal Solid Waste Management in India: A Sourcebook for Policymakers and Practitioners
Human activities create waste, and the ways that waste is handled, stored, collected, and disposed of can pose risks to the environment and to public health. Solid waste management (SWM) includes allExpand